Gardening in Spring (like Spring cleaning) has an urgency about it, we feel the need to get it done quickly before the searing heat of Summer arrives. So the need to plant things that will grow quickly and establish a good root system before Summer is of the essence.

Before planting anything make sure you top up the organic matter in the soil. Gods Gift to Gardeners registered organic (NASAA) compost is perfect for this, not only will it build the soil by adding nutrients, organic carbon and heaps of beneficial microbes but will help the soil to retain moisture. Seedlings planted directly into a trench filled with Gods Gift will flourish. A mulch is essential to protect the soil and keep the moisture in, we recommend Lupin Mulch for all areas except Australian Native plants.

This amazing product is available in 25 litre bags and discounts are offered – the more you buy the cheaper the rate. Gardeners Direct deliver throughout the Perth Metro area and our online store is open 24/7.