• Remove weeds and mulch roses and shrubs with feeding mulch
  • Apply mulch to suppress weeds and retain soil moisture
  • Divide perennials.
  • Treat roses for black spot and aphids
  • Fertilise roses and citrus, repeat every 6 weeks
  • Check reticulation, apply wetting agent to ensure water is evenly distributed and retained in soil
  • Repot ferns and cymbidium orchids (October)
  • Prune flowering trees after flowering
  • Dead head flowering plants to encourage more blooms.
  • Plant vegetable garden.
  • Vertimow lawns, apply soil wetter then fertilise two weeks later.

Planting Guide


Beetroot: Sow direct 7-10cm apart in rows 20-30cm apart, pick in 10-12 weeks

Beans: Sow direct 15-20cm apart in rows 60-75 cm apart, pick in18-20 weeks

Cabbage: Sow in seed trays or direct, plant40-75cm apart in rows 40-75cm apart, pick in8-16 weeks.

Capsicum: Sow in seed trays or direct, pplant 50-60cm apart in rows 50-60cm apart, pick in10 – 16 weeks.

Carrots: Sow direct, thin to 3-5cm pick in 12 –16 weeks

Lettuce: Sow in seed trays or direct thin or plant20-30cm apart, rows 20-30cm apart.Pick in 8-12 weeks

Onions: Sow in seed trays or direct 7-10cm apart in rows 20-30cm apart.Pick in 24-32 weeks.

Parsnips: Sow direct thin to5-7cm in rows 30-40cm apart.Pick in 18-20 weeks.

Peas: Sow direct 3-5cm apart rows 40-50cm apart(dwarf) 100cm (climbing) Pick 12 –16 weeks

Potatoes: Sow tubers direct30-40cm apart in rows 60-75cm apart pick in 16-20weeks.

Rhubarb crowns: Plant 0-50 cm apart in rows 40-50cm apart, pick in 8-12 weeks.

Silverbeet: Sow in seed trays or direct, thin or plant 30-40cm apart in rows 30-40cm apart, pick 8-12 weeks.

Tomato: Sow in seed trays or plant seedlings in rows 60cm apart