The calendar page has turned, it’s March and although I don’t know where the last two months have gone all of a sudden we are in the season of Autumn and although we sometimes expect change to happen as quickly as we turn that page reality is of course very different. Change from one season to another is gradual but already noticeable are the shorter days and cooler mornings although as I write this it is still quite a warm afternoon. Autumn is the best time to plant anything that needs time to establish before the heat of Summer arrives again and especially after the soil is watered by some beautiful soaking rain. In the meantime there’s watering to be kept up with, planning to do and maybe some seeds to sow. This list will give you some inspiration and ideas.


Plant Mar Apr May
Ageratum,Allyssum * * *
Amaranthus,Aster *
Begonia,Calendular * * *
Cornflower * * *
Dianthus,Everlastings * *
Gypsophilia,Nasturtium * *
Petunia,Sweetpea * * *
Pansy, Poppy * * *
Kangaroo Paw *
Beetroot,Broad Beans * * *
Cabbage,Cauliflower * * *
Carrots,Garlic * * *
Onions,Parsnips * * *
Peas,Spinach * * *
Potatoes * *
Rhubarb crowns *
HERBS Bayleaf, coriander, garlic, lemon balm ,marjoram, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme.

If sowing seeds early Autumn is the best time



It’s also an ideal time to plant some Australian native plants and choosing plants to flower in each of the four seasons

It’s a good idea to have a wander around your local native plant nursery and check what’s flowering each season so you can create a colourful garden all year round .Australian Native plants when treated right and correctly chosen with climatic and soil requirements in mind can replace a European style cottage garden with a similar looking but much more waterwise Aussie Cottage style. The practice of mixing Australian native plants with exotics in the garden also contributes colour, form and visual effects. Australian plants generally thrive on attention in a well tended garden assuming care is taken not to over water, to use a suitable fertilizer and to avoid excessive cultivation and root disturbance. See some examples below

Autumn Flowering-

Banksia Menziesii, Tricuspis, Prionotes, Ashbyi Lechenaultia Formosa (Tango, Tropicana, Autumn Blue, Rhapsody) Grevillea preissii, ella bella

 Eucalyptus Websteriana, Preissiana ,Erythrocorys,Hakea Laurina, Beaufortia Squarossa

Acacia Splendens, Microbotrya, Thryptomene Baeckeacea, Xanthorrhoea Preissi (Grass Tree)


Winter Flowering-

Kunzea Baxteri, Alyogyne Huegelii (hibiscus), Eucalyptus Caesia, Banksia Coccinea,Ashbyi

Acacia Drummondii, Hardenbergia, Grevillea, Boronia, Lechenaultia



Spring Flowering-

Hybrid Kangaroo Paws, Leptospermum Sericeum, Verdicordia, Grevillea Saccata, tenuiloba,nudiflora.

Dryandra polycephala, Melaleuca, Lechenaultia , Isopogon, Dampiera, Ricinocarpos (Wedding Bush), Callistemon, Chamalaucium (Geraldton Wax), Everlastings



Summer Flowering-

Eucalyptus ficifolia, macrocarpa, synandra,vitrix,

Melaleuca huegelii, Nuytsia floribunda (West Australian Christmas Tree), Verdicordia, Lechenaultia Formosa, linariodes, Woody Pear, Banksia sceptrum, Grevillea excelsor.