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  • History

    We’ve been selling an extensive range of organic gardening essentials to a Perth community of aspiring and experienced gardeners since 2003. Started by ex-farmers Phil and Gayle Redding, the two were able to capitalise on their fundamental (and extensive) knowledge of agriculture, to develop the signature product for Gardeners Direct – the aptly named God’s Gift to Gardeners – an organic compost which quickly gained a cult following of devoted Perth gardeners who fell in love with the versatile, odourless product that delivered excellent results.

    Since then, the range has grown to include mulch, mineral and liquid fertilisers, natural and organic pest deterrents, soil improvers, herbicides, soil wetters and organic seeds – anything a savvy gardener could need for establishing and maintaining a beautiful and abundant chemical free home garden.

  • Approach

    As the general public become increasingly aware of the dangers of the chemicals and pesticides in our food, the trend towards organic produce and organic living is gathering momentum. As such, we are seeing more families choosing to grow their own organic produce at home and making more educated decisions with regards other household products.

    At Gardeners Direct, we make it easy for everyone to have a chemical free garden, without compromising on the quality of the soil – which will ultimately determine the overall health and longevity of the plants within it.

    As a well-established business consisting of an online store specialising in organic garden and homecare products, Gardeners Direct help the people of Perth, and WA, grow their own organic produce and plants by offering a home delivery service to customers within 30km of the Perth metro area.

  • Philosophy

    We specialise in providing customers with a range of with a quality, environmentally friendly and chemical free, organic gardening, pest control, cleaning, personal and pet care products.

    We have accumulated many years of experience in the organic industry and we research and test all our products thoroughly. Our website is our store so to view our extensive and growing product range click here. You can order online or contact us by phone, either way your order receives our prompt and personal attention.

    Gardener’s Direct are committed to providing our customers with quality organic products that are safe to use, do not contribute to environmental problems and are chemical free. Due to the overuse of synthetic chemical fertilisers and raw manure, pollution of our rivers, wetlands and aquifers is increasing. Our approach to this problem is to promote and supply Perth’s gardeners with organic alternatives that perform very well and do not leach nutrient. These products also encourage natural soil fauna populations to increase.

    A healthy, living soil provides a constant supply of nutrition and also enables plants to resist attacks from insects and disease’s – it is nature’s way of growing things. We are happy to provide new gardeners with all the information to do this. Naturally the food grown using this method is very wholesome, tasty and full of essential minerals seriously lacking in fruit and vegetables purchased from super and growers markets.

  • Home Delivery

    Yes, we’ll bring everything you need to get your organic garden underway right to your doorstep. Forget the hassle of begging your neighbour to borrow his ute or the expense of hiring a trailer, once you’ve made your order, we’ll pack up our trusty truck and get your order to you.

    We currently make all deliveries every Friday, with the exception or large bulk orders which can be delivered Monday to Friday given two days notice.

    So go ahead and get shopping now, or give us a call on (08) 9307 1896.

Gayle Redding
Operations Manager
Phil Redding
Managing Director


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