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    Product Description

    Fruit Flies are one of the most destructive and difficult to control pests in the world, responsible for threatening over 60,000 hectares of commercial cropping in Australia alone and, of course, a real pain for your fruit trees in the home garden.

    Cera Trap® is an organic and pesticide free Fruit Fly management system which is highly effective and easy to use. With no pesticides or insecticides, it is a 100% ecological, organic solution that works by using a unique protein based liquid solution containing volatile compounds that are very attractive to both female and male fruit flies, who are lured into the trap and drown in the liquid – unable to escape. Cera Trap is unlikely to attract any beneficial insects that may live in your garden.

    How to use: 

    Hang your Cera Trap on the Northern side of tree approx 1.5 metres high and within the canopy. Take care not to spill liquid when attaching lid to hang or flies will not enter trap. Must be installed well in advance of fruit ripening, ideally when fruit reaches approximately one third of its final size.

    The organic liquid contains no pesticides and will continue to work even after many flies have drowed in the liquid.

    Works on:

    Apples, Apricots, Blueberries, Cherries, Grapes, Grapefruit, Guava, Lemons, Limes, Mandarin, Mangoes, Oranges, Passionfruit, Pawpaw, Peaches, pears, Plums, Nectarines


    Queensland and Mediterranean Fruit Flies. Works on both sexes but targets females and breaks the breeding cycle.


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