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    Product Description

    eco-flo gypsum is a liquid claybreaker containing 35% calcium,25% sulphur, seaweed extract and stabilisers. Certified Organic by BFA. Will break up compacted clay soils & improve drainage, reduce salt build up from grey water and salt water pool splash, strengthen plant growth and fruiting. Won’t alter soil pH and is fast acting due to superfine particles. 500ml concentrate covers 200 square metres.

    eco-flo gypsum contains superfine particles (5 micron in size) which are more readily available than traditional powdered gypsum (1000 microns). Eco-flo gypsum encourages clay particles to bond together and form larger soil crumbs.This in turn opens up the soil structure allowing better drainage and aeration, it will also displace sodium particles from grey water use and saltwater pool splash, allowing it to was through the soil. Calcium is absorbed behind new root tips so the added seaweed extract will encourage root development and increase calcium uptake, reducing plant stress and improving soil structure.

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    Additional Information


    500ml concentrate, 2 litre hose on

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