eco-hydrate 2L

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    Product Description

    Eco-Hydrate is a unique water attracting product that cuts watering needs by up to 50% and reduces heat stress.

    Organic sugars attract and condense water towards the root zone, including moisture from dews and general humidity, while a soil friendly wetting agent aids in the penetration of water throughout the soil.

    The added seaweed extract, fulvic and amino acids help plants cope with heat stress.

    Perfect for use on all plants including veggies, seedlings, new transplants, potted plants, lawns and natives.

    • Cuts the need for additional watering by up to 50%
    • Increase plant survival when transplanting plants and when away on holidays
    • Can be used on all plants including veggies, lawns, potted plants and natives
    • Biodegradable

    Eco-hydrate provides root zone moisture management and soil wetting. It reduces water usage and plant stress, improves moisture retention and water penetration and is organic and biodegradable.Eco-hydrate is enriched with seaweed extract and fulvic and amino acids. 500ml will treat up to 200 square metres . Apply monthly during hot weather.

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