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    eco-naturalure is a registered organic fruit fly control spray designed to attract both male and female flies. It combines specific food based attractants which targets fruit flies using a bacterial derived insecticide called spinosad. There is no with holding period after application. It works by attracting male and female fruit flies that are in the area. Once they land on the foliage that has been sprayed they consume the bait which rapidly destroys the insect.

    Fruit trees need to be sprayed up to 6-8 weeks before the fruit ripens to ensure a complete kill before the pests have a chance to damage the crop. The product is very economical because only 10 ml of eco-naturalure is diluted in 60 mls of water and sprayed on 1 square metre of tree surface area or a hard surface placed nearby, not on the fruit. A small spray bottle is required for application.

    eco-naturalure is applied as a spot spray in 30cm patches around the foliage of plants. No need to cover the whole tree or all the fruit. Must be applied weekly and after rain.

    It is very important to start protecting fruit early in the season. The aim is to kill the fruit flies before they sting the fruit and to prevent population numbers exploding later in the season. We recommend applying eco-naturalure from petal drop as flies have been shown to sting green fruit as small as a marble.


    • Effective on Queensland and Mediterranean fruit flies
    • Attracts and kills male and female fruit flies
    • Only requires spot spraying (entire plants and fruit do not need to be sprayed)
    • Targets only fruit fly and won’t harm beneficial insects
    • No withholding period (even if you get some on the fruit)
    • Registered Organic (Australian Organic)
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