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    eco-neem is a plant based organic insecticide made from an extract the kernel of the neem tree and other oil seeds. Internationally certified organic input for use on food and non food crops.

    Diluted in water (1-3ml/litre) and used a soil drench (5ml/litre), eco-neem is not a knockdown insecticide, but treated insects will not continue to feed so no further plant damage will occur. Only affects plant biting, chewing or sucking insects- so beneficial insects like bees and ladybugs will not be harmed by this product. Registered internationally for control of pests like grasshoppers,curl grub, caterpillars, thrip. This is not a crude neem extract so easy to pour and mix.


    • Controls a very broad range of chewing and sucking insects
    • Stabilised neem extract with a 2 year shelf-life from Date of Manufacture
    • Very concentrated and used at low rates (2-3ml/L for most pests)
    • Safe for beneficial insects including bees
    • Registered Organic (Australian Organic)
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