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    Product Description

    eco-rose is a registered organic fungicide made from specially formulated food grade potassium bicarbonate. It controls Powdery mildew and Black Spot on roses by attacking existing infections and preventing new ones. It can also be used to treat powdery mildew on grape vines. Use in conjunction with eco-oil for superior results. You only need 3-4 grams of eco-rose per litre of water and spray on to foliage at the first signs of disease, then every 10 – 14 day intervals if new infections is safe for beneficial insects like bees and ladybeetles.

    eco-rose is a contact spray and requires good coverage for the best results. We recommend you add some eco-oil (2ml per litre) into the mix as this helps the solution stick and spread evenly over foliage.

    You can also create a 2-in-1 organic insecticide and fungicide by adding eco-oil at it’s regular strength (5-10ml per litre) to the eco-rose solution. This is particularly useful to control common pest and diseases in one spray rather than separate sprays.


    • Rapidly kills external fungal growth and spores
    • Effective on roses and other plants including fruits and vegetables
    • Economical rate (3-4gm per litre)
    • No withholding period if used on edibles
    • Safe for beneficial insects and soil microbes
    • Registered Organic (Australian Organic)
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      Plantning January 31, 2020

      Home Products Pest Disease Control eco-rose eco-rose is a registered organic fungicide for the control of black spot, powdery mildew and rust. It attacks existing fungal infections killing the external fungal growth in minutes. It also leaves a clear protective coating on foliage that prevents new spores from germinating. eco-rose is safe for beneficial insects like bees and ladybeetles.

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