Grow Safe Home Gardener Living Fertiliser


Grow Safe Home Gardener Living Fertiliser an all purpose enviro friendly product containing rock minerals, soil microbes and trace elements for natural healthy plant growth and soil improvement

  • Description

    Product Description

    Grow safe Living fertiliser  is a complete soil and plant food that puts back all the minerals and bacteria into your soil to assist nature in feeding your plants. It’s a unique combination of granulated bio-rock minerals coated with 25 essential microbes which remain dormant until wet . Blended with specially selected bio-soluble nitrogen and phosphorus to make an environmentally friendly safe fertiliser.This product has been successfully used for over a decade in broad acre farming and horticulture and has now been made available to the home gardener.

    It contains 25 soil microbes, 60 rock minerals and trace elements with an analysis of 5.5/1/4.5.

    Its made in WA , is non acidic and contains no animal by-products.

    This fertiliser is safe for native plants, vegetable gardens, trees, lawns and gardens.

    The product is endorsed and used by Sabrina Hahn and is a revolution in safe fertilising practices.

    Grow Safe Home Gardener ties all 3 approaches to fertilising into one easy to use product and cuts down on leaching by using rock minerals, microbes and safe levels of NPK.

    Application rates can depend on soil and environment conditions. Always water the product in to activate the microbes or apply under moist conditions. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals and store in dry position out of the sun and seal bag tightly.

    Apply with Gods Gift to Gardeners compost

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    Additional Information

    Weight 10 kg
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