- Kills weeds, moss and algae
- Can be used anywhere in the garden and around the house
- Active ingredient made from GM-free plant oils
- Rapid action, desiccating plants on contact
- Doesn't require heat or sunlight to work
- Non-selective
- No lasting spray residues (100% biodegradable within a few days)
- Glyphosate free
- Registered Organic for use in organic farms and gardens
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  • Description

    Product Description

    Slasher is naturally present in pelargonium plants, apples, skins of grapes and grape pulp.

    Slasher poses no risk to the environment, is non-toxic to animals (acute and sub-chronic), is non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic and does not bio-accumulate in the soil, it will break down readily in presence of microbial activity.

    Best applied in the middle of the day when rain is not imminent. When product contact with a living plant it penetrates and disrupts cell membranes – results are usually visible within minutes. Useful for annual weeds and perennials(may need to be reapplied to regrowth- depending on plant species and size) in lawns, mulches and paths.

    Rate of application- 40ml/l small annual weeds, 50ml/l large annual weeds, 70ml/l perennial weeds

    Sold in 750ml RTU, 1 litre and 5 litre.

  • Additional Information

    Additional Information


    size, 5litre

    Slasher 750ml RTU

    size, 750ml

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