Slugga Copper Barrier Tape – 10 metres


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    Snail & Slug Tape is a very effective barrier that stops slugs and snails in their tracks. This self-adhesive copper tape can be used around pots, greenhouse staging, tree trunks or coldframes. It is effective because when the slug or snail attempts to cross the strip a tiny electrical charge is created naturally from within the copper face. This will deter but not kill the slug or snail. It is, therefore, safe to use with children, pets and wildlife and is suitable for organic gardening.

    Snail & Slug Tape protects pots, tables, greenhouse staging and coldframes Also for use around tree trunks to prevent Slugs and Snails climbing

    Snail & Slug Tape is an adhesive copper tape that is ideal for combating slugs and snails without the use of chemicals.

    Place Snail & Slug Tape around pots and containers to prevent slugs and snails from reaching plants. Delivers a mild shock when they try to cross it. Undetectable to humans and pets.

    Simply attach the adhesive copper tape around garden pots, frames, tables or garden beds and watch as snails and slugs are stopped in their tracks. This environmentally friendly and not lethal method works by creating a protective barrier around the garden containers to which the copper tape has been attached. When the snail or slug attempts to cross the copper tape a small electrical current is generated by the interaction of its body with the copper and the snail or slug is repelled. It is non-toxic, very long-lasting, with no possible potential poisoning of animals, pets or children.

    10 metres of tape.

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